living just to keep going - going just to be sane - all the while I know its - such a shame

it’s been hard to update, due to the fact that i have no working home computers right now. i think we have at least four or five sitting around the house - four or five buckets of junk, decades-old hard drives that probably have less space than my current, yet already outdated, phone.

i’ve been reading a lot of chuck klosterman. i’m telling you… my dream is to do exactly what he does (professionally speaking anyway)… writing for rock mags and blogging and having his stories/novels/essays/whatever published… god. it gives me something to strive for. if that guy can wax intellectual about zach morris and black metal, then goddamnit, so can i.

but i can’t even think clearly right now. i have so much going on. good and bad. but here! look at my new tattoo. tattoos make everything better.


new dreams, crowding out old realities

classic, indecisive kimmy.

not sure if i will abandon this blog and continue with my tumblr account, or perhaps i can keep both, in some sort of jekyll-and-hyde fashion of duality (staying true to my recent-but-always-known diagnosis of bipolar deux - thousands of dollars to tell me something i've always known, thank you so much).

who knows. who cares. does anyone even read this?

i'm performing our one and noble function of our time: MOVE


“Love! What is it?

Most natural painkiller what there is.



but hey. there's this. or this.

or best of all:

disappear here


fuck this fucking weather.

i get cabin fever something fierce, and yet, my brain just goes stagnant.


i hate feeling consistently on edge. just one day where i didn't have to worry or feel like the world was crashing down on me... it'd sure be nice.




try it sometime... it's almost like being there... it's the closest i'll probably ever get to it anyway.


satellite of love

oh man. the fucking cure. disintegration, pornography, faith, ...

this has been my monday morning so far. my monday morning mixtape, monday morning for *you*... special. drive in saturday, computer love, the passenger. rock and roll suicide. perfect day.

oh, and hey, here's some more kraftwerk for you. the best kraftwerk song, ever. on stylophone.

so, true to form, kel and i did miss out on the aforementioned (posted earlier) corey feldman film festival... but hopefully we'll follow through with this.

spoiler alert, possibly.

ALSO, i was thoroughly disappointed with black swan. i'm sorry. i was.

and i love darren aronofsky, which makes it worse.

pretty much the best thing about the movie was the love scene. which was also disappointing, only because they talked it up so much. and not to give anything away but the film was just full of cop-outs.

i hate the 'it's all in your head' bullshit. that's just a cop-out if you ask me.
kelli, sunday, january 16:

'stop ian curtis suiciding over there!!'

what? no funny?