Hey, I am looking for these movies. Please to read and help a sista out (and I don't mean send me a damn link to buy it on ebay. I'm broke y'all).

Static (1986)

Home Movies (1980 - obviously not the adult swim show)

Yeah, so I'm kind of on a Keith Gordon kick. Blame AMC for showing Christine the other night.


cultural wasteland

Oh Elvis, what were you thinking?

Then again Robert Smith did the same thing with, ironically enough, the wife of FOB bassist Pete Wentz. So maybe it's just the start of some disgusting trend.

By the way, have you heard the new FOB? It reeks of desperation. A sophomore-times-three attempt at still remaining relevant.

guess i'll have to break the news, that i got no mind to lose

New, shiny goodness:

● Last night I was lucky to catch the revival (is that what they call it?) of the hilarious Coed Prison Sluts. The crude humor might have made a better impression on me eight years ago, when I caught it in it's last year in Wrigleyville, but it's definitely nostalgic and still wonderfully naughty. The new Annoyance Theater has a really nice setup too.

● So for Halloween I might be vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I figure all I need is an American Flag pin, a sensible skirt, and a lobotomy. Heheh.

● Normally, I don't accept Myspace requests from random, strange people, but holy crap, this girl found me and I couldn't be more thankful. Her store is chock full of vintage clothing from the twenties on up; accessories, hats, jewelry, you name it. So if you like that sort of thing, check it out.

ED: okay so that link didn't work. Try this: 2429 W. Lake Street, Addison, IL. Google it.

● Also, you should all start listening to Science Fantastic, with this guy.


are friends electric?

So I seem to have this problem with belief. The definition I am using here, courtesy of my Mac's dashboard, states that belief is "an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists, i.e. a belief in god". Or something.

For years I've been this way. I don't know who to blame, really; my father, amateur astronomer and practicing heathen, had a habit of leaving his books all over the house. Books on cosmology, physics, evolution - at night I dreamt of colonizing Pluto and imagined living amongst Pterodactyls. But I digress..

Or could I blame my mother? She tried so hard, after forcing my brother through catholic school in Chicago, to send my sister and I down the same path - only to find that suburban churches just didn't have the same magic. (or same ruler-wielding nuns, maybe?)

Either way, I grew up knowing that I needed proof before I believed blindly in anything. I needed facts and figures. Not false worship. And for a while, I really thought I didn't believe in anything.

But on the same token, I'm superstitious as hell, and my family has had notorious run-ins with what we believe are family members from beyond (trust me, you had to be there).

So what am I? Atheist? Agnostic? Lapsed Catholic?

What I really believe, and what I almost cringe to admit, is that we are all just a part of the universe. Not to sound like a hippie or anything. But if there's one thing we know for sure, is that we are all just recycled atoms.

The most beautiful way I've ever heard it described is this: "As we look around, our spectographs and telescopes reveal, in the dust of exploded suns, that the iron running through our veins, the oxygen in our lungs, and the silicon upon which we stand came about, as it were, from fusion-based waste products in the hearts of dying stars." Ah, thank you, Charles Pellegrino.

What does that mean to me? That means a million times more than any sermon or psalm. It means that we are all the same, that we came from the same quarks and gluons. The same miniscule forces. That yes, maybe some higher power put it all into motion, but then again, maybe not, and maybe it's just some wonderful cosmic quirk. Either way, we are all one and the same.

It seems to me that if people thought about it that way more often, we wouldn't have the problems we're currently facing.


b-b-b-bird is the word

So my Dia de los Muertos altar is currently in progress.

Yep. I may not be Mexican; hell, I may not even be religious, but I love the whole idea of it. Of honoring your loved ones, of still showing that you care. Yeah insert your awwws there.

What else? Vinyl is making a comeback? Yeah thanks Greg Kot. Like we didn't know that already.

Also, Sin in the Second City is my new favorite read.


a grim day for robot kind!

Why am I addicted to those personal surveys on myspace? You know, the ones that I'm assuming high schoolers write, because they always ask questions related to parents or classes or that sort of thing.

And why is it that I only think of really good blog posts when I am nowhere near a computer or a notebook? The kind of ideas that are so good, my ADD-riddled brain struggles to remember it on the ride home, only to lose it when I notice that the car in front of me has asymmetrical Jesus stickers lined along the bumper, which leads me to wonder what thought processes the person went through when applying said stickers? Did they just slap them on there, willy-nilly? Or do they just have no sense of balance?

My brain is angry at me.