lame news

If you haven't heard already, and you care about this sort of thing, a really neat little bar/club burned down in Hillside last night.

Brauerhouse will be missed.


three hits from hell.

Recently, I've had three- count 'em, three people bugging me for new blogs. You know what that means?!

I have three readers now! Hooray!

If you must know, these past weeks have been spent working myself to death. That, and reading wikipedia.

Here are just a few of many midday digressions:

this is pretty damned important to me.

Oh someday. Someday my dream is to have enough money to start donating and campaigning to save silent films.

God. I don't mean to sound preachy, but this is one subject that means so much to me. Haha. I should do one of those commercials, like for the ASPCA, but instead of sad animals, I'd just hold up big doe-eyed pictures of Mary Pickford and Harold Lloyd.

it is the nature of intelligent life to destroy itself.

I blame this guy for a tangent that led from Carl Sagan to the Simulation Hypothesis to cosmogony and back again.

And if I were smarter, I would be able to elaborate on such topics.

i need to see this movie.

William Shatner? Esperanto? Enough said.



I NEED to see the video of the David Carradine interview on WGN Morning News from yesterday.

How come it isn't on YouTube yet?



(The unintentionally Joy Divisioney) WISH LIST.

Touching From A Distance

I've read this book several times. Probably more than several. But I've never actually owned it, I just kept renting it out from the library until some jackass decided to keep it.

my Unknown Pleasures tattoo

Everyone seems to have this tattoo now. But that doesn't bother me. I've always wanted it. Well, since I knew what it was anyway.


Yeah I still haven't seen this movie yet. I added this to the list because I KNOW I need to see it, I'm just bad at going to see new movies. I will, however, be first in line for this one.

Ugh. Work is draining. I am reminded of a quote from the epic film Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy: "Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over"... classic.


no "i" in threesome.

I forgot how amazing Interpol is.

And fucking relevant.

You know how going back to certain records will remind you of a period of time in your life?

Interpol was there for the last three significant... events that happened in my life. I say events because the first relationship was a, well, it was what it was, the second relationship was an utter joke, and the third wasn't even a relationship, it was just an inappropriate alliance of sorts.

And thinking about last summer makes me think that this summer is just karmic retribution for things I have done.

At any rate, Interpol needs to start catching up with me.


apocalypse please.

sleeping aides and razorblades for sure. and food isn't my friend anymore and the radio hates me.

today mom said she loved casablanca because it didn't have a happy ending. i told her the petrified forest was much better. but if we're talking bogart then that's a whole 'nother story.

personally, i prefer bonnie and clyde. if we're talking about sad endings and all.

but i'm more interested in the songs at the moment. the ones that really draw blood. the songs that know you better than you know yourself. they've always said it better than i ever could anyway.

i'm just waiting for the salt in this wound. nothing else has ever gone well, what did i expect?

'if they don't put me away, well it'll be a miracle'


well i felt so bad when i heard that song,
ya know it's been such a long long time,
it's a little offbeat and it ain't in tune ya know it's just like this heart of mine

and it hurt
when you went away
and all i wanted you to do was stay

going steady ya we had big plans,
but your friends said it wouldn't last,
it was up to you to prove them wrong,
but you couldn't even do that

and if it hurt, when you left,
ya know you're only hurtin' yourself

ya know the first night you left me babe, it was so hard,
and it didn't hurt you told all my friends i'm a retard

and ya say you know what's best for me,
well if you got your way, i'd have a lobotomy

i got new girls and i'm runnin' around,
the house doesn't look the same,
i hung new posters on my wall and the dog don't remember your name

and if it hurt, when you left,
ya know you're hurtin' yourself

you can try to change your heart, that's true,
but ya never ever ever do

ohhhh baby you never ever do
i'll tell you something, you never ever do

sleeding aides
and razorblades,
tear stained pictures of younger days,
broken mirrors and a bloody nose,
late night tv rerun episodes


it's now or never.

Sorry, dear reader(s?), for having abandoned my soapbox for a few days.

But goddamn am I tired.

Pretty tired of everything at this point.