this concept of 'wuv' confuses and infuriates us!

I have to admit, that new Pixar movie, WALL-E, looks incredibly cute. Then again, I have a fondness for robots, especially cartoon robots.

And oddly enough, the ship's computer in WALL-E is voiced by none other than Sigourney Weaver... who also happened to play Planet Express Ship in an episode of Futurama.

...so would that be considered typecasting?


no new tale to tell.

While I pride myself on my broad and varied musical tastes, I have to admit that I have filed away a catalog of guilty pleasures. Songs or artists that I will only listen to with certain friends, or even just myself. And everyone has them, it's not unusual, but my list seems to be rather large for some reason.

But then there are those bands you can listen to now that were once guilty pleasures, but are considered hip again for irony's sake... take for example my passion for cheesy eighties hair metal. I remember a time where I had to listen to Skid Row or Motley Crue in the privacy of my home or car, windows up for fear that I might look ridiculous. But lately it seems that the trends are turning back, the twenty year theory is in effect and now the new wave nostalgia is fading into rock and roll reminiscing...

...which really makes me upset to think that I remember when those bands were first popular. But then again, I also had a rattailed, bleached jeans-wearing, Powell Peralta-loving older brother.

But then there are the bands that you simply have no excuse for liking. There's no good defense for it. The only thing that I can say is, pop music is meant to be catchy, and meant to be popular... with that being said, I still don't think I can admit to much on this blog. For fear of ridicule, partly, but more for the fact that I don't want it coming back to haunt me. Hah.

While we're on the subject too, I just came to the realization that I am one year away from "twenty six years, on my way to hell". Thanks Trent Reznor. Way to make me feel old.

...Not that listening to nine inch nails is necessarily a guilty pleasure. But I guess I feel silly because in my heyday, I was one of those nine inch nails kids. You know what I'm talking about. Now that's embarassing.


either shut up or get cut up - part one

If there's ever anyone you want by your side, it's my girl Kelli. Nothing is better than seeing a five one, hundred pound little thing telling some big ol' biker that she's gonna kill him.

Actually, if I remember correctly, her exact words were, "I'm gonna smash your fucking teeth in".

So... yeah. Never in my twenty five years on this earth did I imagine that I would almost get into fisticuffs with a gang of bikers. Note, not a biker gang, but a group of 'em. What do you call that anyway? Is it like a gaggle of geese? Murder of crows? I don't know. Group of bikers? Gang of? Fleet? Flock? Fuck it.

So I'm sitting on the steps of this neighborhood bar. It's a cute, divey little joint. All the local cutups and criminals hang out there, myself included. The jukebox isn't anything to write home about, but the beers are cheap and you can smoke on the patio. But I'm on the phone with my guy, so I'm out front. And as we're whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears, these four or five jackasses on their crotch rockets start circling the block. Actually, they weren't even crotch rockets, they were more like pseudo-harleys, fitting for these wannabe weekend warriors that have nothing better to do than to ride aimlessly through a dingy little suburb.

I'm walking up the steps when one of them yells out, "Geek!". I don't know if I just automatically assumed that was meant for me or not, but I turned around.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You're a geek."

"Are you talking to me?"

"Yeah. You fucking four-eyed geek."

"Whatever dude." I rolled my eyes and made my way back in.

Okay, before I go on, I have to just wonder... why would a grown man, probably in his thirties, resort to petty name calling? Am I back in junior high? Is this the playground all over again, and little Johnny Venture doesn't know how to tell a girl that he likes her, so he pushes her into the dirt instead? I laughed at the absurdity of the situation, and yet... it kinda brought be back to my pathetic days of getting taunted in the halls.

I sat back at my table, fuming. I explained to Kelli what had just transpired, and in one swift motion, she slammed her beer down and bolted for the door. Unfortunately for us - or for them, I'm still not quite sure - they had already sped off.

And of course, going back to our table and knowing they were gone, I suddenly have this jolt of courage. Those guys were lucky they had left, the Jets were gonna have their way and we were gonna rumble 'em right. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, maybe it was Kelli's words of encouragement, but I was ready to start something...

Next week: Our dramatic conclusion!!! Will Kelli and Kim get their revenge? Will we find out who shot JR? Or Mr. Burns for that matter?!?!


'All I want to do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater and die'

Over the years, critics and fans alike have dismissed Christian Slater as a poor man's Jack Nicholson... and while I don't necessarily disagree with that statement, I have to admit that his early film career left quite an impression on my preadolescent (i.e. oversexed) mind. His 'teen angst bullshit' resonated with the kids of my era... or at least with the hooligans that I hung around, anyway.

Thinking back, I find it kind of disturbing that I was allowed to watch films that dealt with teen suicide, murder, drugs, and sex at that age... but that's another story altogether. Below, his best films... that warped my fragile, fragile mind:


Heathers for me has just become kind of quintessential and played out. I've watched it so many times over the years, I can pretty much quote it from memory. Something about the dark humor and subject matter just appealed to me, I suppose. I can't imagine a movie like this being made now, what with the Columbines and NIUs of today. I never watched it and wanted to blow up my own school, but that's just me. I always saw it as a biting commentary on cliques and social order among teens more than anything. Oh yeah, and Slater as the 'dark horse' Jason Dean? Kinda hot.

Gleaming the Cube

You know, I need to watch this one again. All that I can recall from this movie is skateboarding, Vietnam, and a bleached-blonde Slater. Which is also pretty hot.

Pump Up the Volume

The older I get, the more I like this one. I suppose when I was younger I thought it was a bit silly and contrived - which it is - but there's something innocent about it too, about kids rallying together, fighting the good fight. And maybe it's a bit wistful for me because back then, I thought I could change the world too.

Plus, it's totally nostalgic, because I too, was glued to the radio night after night... cause y'know, before the interwebs and downloading and all that stuff, we had to BUY albums, and TAPE songs off the radio. Damn. Now I'm showing my age.

True Romance

Kinda wish they still had phone booths because of this movie. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

But yea, this one is great. Chock full of pop culture references and homages to all the things that influenced writer Quentin Tarantino, which is why I love his films in the first place. Clarence and Alabama kinda skewed my perception of love- I blame this one, among many others, for making me yearn for Elvis weddings, matching tattoos, and rock and roll. I'm sorry, but that's fucking romantic.

Next Week: Mickey and Mallory Knox: The world's greatest love story?


ain't that a kick in the head.

No monday morning mixtapes today because I'M SICK AS A DOG.

And maybe that's partly why I'm surly today. Those same songs that usually make me happy are just reminding me of distances and longing.

And all those bastards in those films, all those hopelessly beautiful scenes between two people, well they had each other.

Who needs a nap?


turn out the light and kiss my pillow.

highschool sweethearts. four years at war but oh, how the rest of the world just fell away. his arms are home.


like a ninja?

oh cinema, for years I thought you'd given me an unrealistic view of love. i was angry with you, upset for having given me butterflies, for giving me that wonderfully hopeful feeling when screen lovers kiss, hope that I too might have a dance in the rain, or a long embrace under the stars.

or even just the chance to feel that in real life, if only briefly.

i was mad because i thought you lied, thought you'd given me false hope.

guess i was wrong.


Epilogue: I can't wait to watch this later.



WTF? David cancelled the Rockabilly Rebel Weekend. Does this mean the James Dean festival is cancelled too???

does calgon still take people away?

Why is it so much cheaper to live anywhere else in the midwest?! And why then am I still here?!

And how many cups of coffee is it gonna take to wake the fuck up?!

Seriously though, I want answers. Like now.

Oh and Mark, next Wednesday its on.


lookout! lookout! lookout!

This is the gothest playlist I've created, without actually being goth.

The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack
Well this one just goes without saying, really.

The Cavaliers - Last Kiss
You all know this one. It's that ridiculous "oh where oh where can my baby be" song. Yeah. The one that kinda irks you but at the same time it gets stuck in your head anyway. The one that the douchebag from pearl jam covers. As if the song wasn't mildly annoying in the first place.

Mark Dinning - Teen Angel
Teen Angel's really messed up. A boy and a girl get stuck on the train tracks. He pulls her away from the car, but she goes back to get his school ring. For some reason, this one really gets to me.

Everly Brothers - Ebony Eyes
Flight 1203 gets swallowed up by the sky, before he gets the chance to propose to his Ebony Eyes. And superstitious me will probably never take a flight 1203 ever again.

Bobby Vinton - Tell Laura I Love Her
It would bring the house down! Heh. But in all honesty, not a fan.

Johnny Preston - Running Bear
Somethin' about a river, honestly, I'm not really paying attention at this point. These damned songs are getting to me, I don't care how cheesy they are.

Pat Boone - Moody River
I don't necessarily condone owning any Pat Boone. But for the sake of this mix, it works.

Dickey Lee - Patches
Basically, star-crossed lovers drown themselves because they can't be together. Why am I still listening to this mix?

Roy Orbison - Leah
The narrator dies in this one... at least from what I can understand.

Jan & Dean - Dead Man's Curve
"It was Jan, you fuckin' idiot"
"It was DEAN, it happened years after the song..."

The Shangri-Las - I Can Never Go Home Anymore
Actually, I don't know why I put this one on here... It doesn't even sound like a teenage tragedy song. I think she just runs away or something. Honestly, I don't even like it that much. I probably should've went with (Remember) Walkin' In the Sand.

I think next week's monday mixtape is gonna be all Murder Ballads.


morbo is pleased! but sticky.

It's storming again, it's gorgeous outside. Better than the ridiculous heat anyway.

I'm super tired but I really wanna catch the new Venture Brothers episode.

Tomorrow's the start of the new job and the end of my social life as I know it.

But it's not a bad thing. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, I think I need a break.


the piano knows something i don't know.

Is it me, or does the new Ladytron just sound like Witching Hour part two?

Kinda disappointed. Ah well.

I can't tell you how good it is to have the internet in my room of the apartment now... and I can't tell you how pathetic I think that makes me sound.

But hooray for downloading frenzies.

However, I STILL can't find a copy of the Wild in The Streets soundtrack on the internets. Damnit.


music sounds better with you.

I'm hurtin. It's all American English's fault, or rather, it's my friend Jacky's fault for telling me about the show in the first place.

Do you think that cover bands pull a lot of tail? I mean, I'm sure they're not getting as much as the real artists are, but it's gotta be one of those crazy midlife-housewife fantasies to make it with a Beatle, real or not.

This weekend I'm going to be operating the beer tent at St. Charles' Pride of the Fox festival with my hetero lifemate, Kelli. So come out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… and be sure to tip us, goddamnit.

I only offered to work there because we get free beer and tips… but then I found out that they have rockabilly bands, sixties pop, and forties swing all weekend. So I probably would've ended up there anyway. Might as well get paid for it.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm really cranky today. Severely hungover. Kinda broke, kinda lonely.


here comes the summer!

Oh god. I love it. Two carnivals in one weekend. Neon lights and cotton candy skies.

This weather is beautiful. Nothing beats playing inebriated mini-golf whilst listening to the breezy calypso sounds of Harry Belafonte.