"lane, would you mind if i took beth out?"

I try not to make this blog so personal but sometimes it just comes out that way.

So let's see... what have I learned recently? They say that after a tragic or at least life-changing event you have to just assess the damage and get on with it, right? So what have I learned?

Hmm. For one, if someone's willing to give up that easily, they didn't really care that much in the first place.

Two. Postcards and letters and poems are beautiful, but they're just words. Meaningless really.

Three? You can't expect anything. Things change. Situations change. People change.

And boy, does that suck.

But on the other hand, one situation ends and a million doors open. So that's been kind of awesome.

And if I think about it, I'm pretty much in the same place I was a year ago, at least in a certain sense. And last spring was pretty amazing. So I'm looking forward to another one of those.


JON said...

...welcome back! (In more ways that one, eh?)

JON said...

Er, that's 'than'...