whatever happened to?

My last post was a Jim Carroll song. And now Jim Carroll has passed away. Sad.

If I were superstitious, I would refrain from mentioning anyone in this post... OR I'd refer to some rather troubled people that have been in my life lately. Haha. But I'm not that cruel. Or am I?

Life hasn't exactly been the greatest lately. Got laid off, had to move back home, got my heart pretty much torn out, repeatedly. Dated someone I didn't even like and didn't treat him well at all. Kept going back to the one person that has my heart only to find out he's just passing the time with me.

You think you've hit your lowest point and then it just gets worse. But you know what? I'm sick of pining over things and people that don't care and/or matter. I'm sick of wasting my time.


NoeffinWay! said...

I looove your writing style and think you have an old soul...;)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, you have an amazing writing style. Audrey, with a touch of Marilyn.


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