the mean reds

"does he lay awake listening to your breath. worried you smoke too many cigarettes"


always shifing the feelings from one person to another. the names, the faces change, but the sentiments do not.

sometimes, sometimes she forgets which one she's talked to that day; she'll wonder if her cute and charming anecdotes have already been mentioned to that one or not? did she call him by the correct name, even? and does he suspect a thing???

oh god. this is how bad she's become. she's become her father, she's become Ian fucking Curtis. all those horror stories, the pain her mother felt, and the betrayal; and now she's no different.

"i will not weep for those dying days. for all the ones who've left there's a few that stayed"


how do you turn it off? where's that fucking switch that makes you stop caring?

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