living just to keep going - going just to be sane - all the while I know its - such a shame

it’s been hard to update, due to the fact that i have no working home computers right now. i think we have at least four or five sitting around the house - four or five buckets of junk, decades-old hard drives that probably have less space than my current, yet already outdated, phone.

i’ve been reading a lot of chuck klosterman. i’m telling you… my dream is to do exactly what he does (professionally speaking anyway)… writing for rock mags and blogging and having his stories/novels/essays/whatever published… god. it gives me something to strive for. if that guy can wax intellectual about zach morris and black metal, then goddamnit, so can i.

but i can’t even think clearly right now. i have so much going on. good and bad. but here! look at my new tattoo. tattoos make everything better.

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Wheels said...

You should totally wax intellectual about black metal and zach morris. Could be superb.