step into my office, baby.

Ugh. Okay there is literally nothing to do at work right now. So commencing cabin fever, it's too nice to be here but not nice enough to call in sick.

I feel like a raw, open nerve. I know I've been saying this quite a lot, but everything that has been happening lately has left me excited, nervous, and maybe even a little on edge. It's so easy to tell yourself that you're going to relax and just let things happen, but apparently I can't even take my own advice, let alone anyone else's.

I've been reading a girl's blog lately. Sort of a friend of mine. I feel like she hasn't been given enough credit, given what she's been through. Granted, you never know what goes on between two people, but it's disgusting how many people have made up their minds about who is right and who is wrong, without even knowing them. Then again I'm biased myself, because I'm just another scorned woman. But at least I don't have to hear about my ex on television and on the internet. I do, however, feel like my ex 'went hollywood' too, just without actually going there.

I don't hate it when my friends become successful; I just don't like it when they leave everyone they loved behind.

I could say that 'it sucks when people change' or whatever, but it doesn't. It hurts for a while, but then you move on. Things may get better, they may get worse. You just have to keep on. And you meet new people and you reconnect with old ones. It's just the way the world works.

So. Fifteen days till I move.

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