lookout! lookout! lookout!

This is the gothest playlist I've created, without actually being goth.

The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack
Well this one just goes without saying, really.

The Cavaliers - Last Kiss
You all know this one. It's that ridiculous "oh where oh where can my baby be" song. Yeah. The one that kinda irks you but at the same time it gets stuck in your head anyway. The one that the douchebag from pearl jam covers. As if the song wasn't mildly annoying in the first place.

Mark Dinning - Teen Angel
Teen Angel's really messed up. A boy and a girl get stuck on the train tracks. He pulls her away from the car, but she goes back to get his school ring. For some reason, this one really gets to me.

Everly Brothers - Ebony Eyes
Flight 1203 gets swallowed up by the sky, before he gets the chance to propose to his Ebony Eyes. And superstitious me will probably never take a flight 1203 ever again.

Bobby Vinton - Tell Laura I Love Her
It would bring the house down! Heh. But in all honesty, not a fan.

Johnny Preston - Running Bear
Somethin' about a river, honestly, I'm not really paying attention at this point. These damned songs are getting to me, I don't care how cheesy they are.

Pat Boone - Moody River
I don't necessarily condone owning any Pat Boone. But for the sake of this mix, it works.

Dickey Lee - Patches
Basically, star-crossed lovers drown themselves because they can't be together. Why am I still listening to this mix?

Roy Orbison - Leah
The narrator dies in this one... at least from what I can understand.

Jan & Dean - Dead Man's Curve
"It was Jan, you fuckin' idiot"
"It was DEAN, it happened years after the song..."

The Shangri-Las - I Can Never Go Home Anymore
Actually, I don't know why I put this one on here... It doesn't even sound like a teenage tragedy song. I think she just runs away or something. Honestly, I don't even like it that much. I probably should've went with (Remember) Walkin' In the Sand.

I think next week's monday mixtape is gonna be all Murder Ballads.

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Jillian said...

hey jackass i just noticed you now refer to me as your alcoholic sister. i'm not an alchy dammit, that was my birhtday!