apocalypse please.

sleeping aides and razorblades for sure. and food isn't my friend anymore and the radio hates me.

today mom said she loved casablanca because it didn't have a happy ending. i told her the petrified forest was much better. but if we're talking bogart then that's a whole 'nother story.

personally, i prefer bonnie and clyde. if we're talking about sad endings and all.

but i'm more interested in the songs at the moment. the ones that really draw blood. the songs that know you better than you know yourself. they've always said it better than i ever could anyway.

i'm just waiting for the salt in this wound. nothing else has ever gone well, what did i expect?

'if they don't put me away, well it'll be a miracle'


Joseph Barder said...

I'm not sure what happened, but you have my sympathy. I'm guessing it involves the love life, because based on my experience it always does, but you have my sympathy either way.

Closet said...

Do you believe you're missing out, that everything good is happening somewhere else?