three hits from hell.

Recently, I've had three- count 'em, three people bugging me for new blogs. You know what that means?!

I have three readers now! Hooray!

If you must know, these past weeks have been spent working myself to death. That, and reading wikipedia.

Here are just a few of many midday digressions:

this is pretty damned important to me.

Oh someday. Someday my dream is to have enough money to start donating and campaigning to save silent films.

God. I don't mean to sound preachy, but this is one subject that means so much to me. Haha. I should do one of those commercials, like for the ASPCA, but instead of sad animals, I'd just hold up big doe-eyed pictures of Mary Pickford and Harold Lloyd.

it is the nature of intelligent life to destroy itself.

I blame this guy for a tangent that led from Carl Sagan to the Simulation Hypothesis to cosmogony and back again.

And if I were smarter, I would be able to elaborate on such topics.

i need to see this movie.

William Shatner? Esperanto? Enough said.