champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

I just cleaned out my facebook account and removed literally about a hundred people that I either:

● Don't care to be friends with

● Haven't talked to in years (or never met outside of the internet)

● Or pretty much can't stand at all.

Why do people feel the need to 'friend collect'? Who really cares?

Quite honestly, I'm sick of having false friends in my life. I don't care what bands you're friends with, or what shoes you rock or what clubs you can get into.

I need substance to my relationships. And it's nice to finally have some.


Joseph Barder said...

Ah, so you were the one who defriended me on myspace. Damn. I understand the need to prune, but it should be noted that I did try to be a real friend and not a sham friend; you just never actually replied when I tried talking to you. I was hoping we could get to know each other better, too. Eh well, apparently you're not interested.

Spider-Bat said...

You're a sham friend Kim, did you think of that? Huh? Or do you consider "Buddy Holly" (aka Leon) your friend?

Kimberly Troiani said...

Whatever, John Craig! Buddy Holly IS ALL MINE! Mwahahahaha