but i'm still fond of you, oh-oh-a-oh

sam cooke. you send me. bee-yoo-ti-ful (if i were andy warhol, oooooh)

sometimes, certain songs can stir such emotions in me, such strong emotions, that i literally have to stop listening.

it's not always sadness, either. sometimes i just get so overwhelmed with fondness for certain people, certain situations, i guess it would be love? but love isn't an emotion, maybe it's happiness...? the giddy, full, warm feeling, knowing that you have these amazing people in your life. people that, no matter how bad it gets, they just have that capability to make everything tolerable, even enjoyable.

it makes me smile to the point of exhaustion, makes me brim with silly tears. bee-yoo-ti-ful.

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Wheels said...

The best music tears you up inside. Songs that are not only timeless, but also encapsulate a single glorious moment.

The kind of song you describe that does that for me..."Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta, Haynes, and Jeremiah. It's a rather joyful song, but there's some weird fleeting sadness behind it all. Makes one appreciative for the status quo of their singular existence, no matter the shittiness, it's what you have; you are granted no other.

Btw, I've really enjoyed this recent spur of blogs. Keep it up.