the mëtal pöst

● GUITAR HERO HAS KILLED MY LOVE FOR CHEESY EIGHTIES METAL. And I swear to god, If I have to hear that fucking Weezer song one more time, I'm gonna choke someone.

● You know where you are? You're under a dead satellite, baby. You're gonna DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Kickstart My Heart? ...so I bought the new, limited edition 16.9 fl oz can of Red Bull today at work. Which is actually only the equivalent of two regular cans of the energy drink, but considering I had already had a 12 oz'er on my way to work... Can you say sheer heart attack? Yeah, that's right, I referenced two (albeit geeky) things in one paragraph.

● Also, what started as a timekiller at the office has mutated into something much more hilarious. Click here to contribute, and proclaim your metal-ness. And maybe someday we'll have enough to warrant an honorable mention on some other blog... one that people actually read.

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