So, in a surprising turn of events, I was actually quite busy at work today.

So. Not much to say.

GIMME SOME TOPICS. Beyond all the crap going 'round in the news lately.


Blorch said...

A study by State University of New York researchers says heat generated from laptops can significantly elevate the temperature of the scrotum, potentially putting sperm count at risk. The small study, which included little more than two dozen men ages 13 to 35, found that the sitting position required to balance a laptop can raise scrotum temperature by as much as 2.1 °C (3.8 °F). Heat from the laptop itself can raise the temperature by another 0.7 °C (1.4 °F), bringing the potential total increase to 2.8 °C (5.0 °F). However, further research is needed to determine whether this directly affects sterility in men.


Kimmy T said...

Well, I hate to jump to conclusions without more information, but AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.