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Here's the playlist of the past recent weeks in my life:

1. Ramones - S/T
2. Teenage Head - S/T
3. The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic
4. Yelle - Pop Up

Oh I could go on. There's also The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, a bunch of really ridiculous dance music. But what I was really getting to is that for the past couple days, I have been listening nonstop to Naked Raygun. It's like a compulsion. And no matter that some of their later records really break my heart - it's just too good not to listen to. And it really is kind of appropriate for the situation.

Okay, I know everyone's got different ears and they interpret music in different ways, drawing on their own experiences and such, but here's what I got on them, if anyone even cares:

Naked Raygun, in my opinion, were a really militant, almost right-wing punk band on their first couple records (I don't count that ep with Swingo... Basement Screams? Whatever). But listen to All Rise or Throb Throb and it's just totally working-class Chicago punk.

But starting on All Rise and moreso with Jettison, things got more emotional. Not emo, mind you, just raw and powerful. The more the band matured, the more the music became about the fear of growing old, the disappointment of adulthood... but then again, maybe I'm just adapting it to my own experiences.

I don't effing know. Listen to Treason. Listen to Entrapment. Or Walk in Cold. Or Off the Edge. It just kills me.

ED: Oh my god, or their cover of the Buzzcocks' Running Free. Goddamn.

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