'old sad bastard music'

So here's my Monday morning mixtape:

Gene Pitney – Town Without Pity
Ramones – Listen to My Heart
Exploding Hearts – Thorns In Roses
The Good Life – Lovers Need Lawyers
Amy Winehouse – You know I'm No Good
Joy Division – Isolation
Bloc Party – The Prayer
Naked Raygun – Knock Me Down
Buzzcocks – Just Lust
The Cramps – All Women Are Bad
Articles of Faith (or is it Battalion of Saints?) – Second Coming
DV8 – Guns on the Right
Revolting Cocks – Stainless Steel Providers
MIA – Bamboo Banga
Buddy Holly – Modern Don Juan
Teenage Head – Picture My Face
Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver
The Wedding Present – Further North than You
Patsy – She's got You
The Good Life – Inmates
Beatles – Baby's in Black
Panic At the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon
Death Cab for Cutie – Someday You will Be Loved
The Faint – Southern Belles In London Sing
Cristina Monet – Is that All There Is?
Weezer – The Good Life

We don't have TV or internet set up in the new place yet, so all I've been able to do is listen to records and old mixtapes. I've been pretty much obsessively making compilations for myself and my friends.

The new place is gorgeous, but for some reason it’s a little lonely. I know I've got my roommates but they're dating, they've got each other to share the excitement with.

I think I'm just still settling in. I miss my animals and I (sort of) miss my family—although I don't quite know how to handle my father's emotions, especially after twenty five years of not really being there for me in that respect. Hahaha.

I know it'll be fine though. These things take time.

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