sleeping aides and razorblades.

Today's list:

• Cups of coffee (so far): 3
Yeah, I gave up energy drinks. Too expensive. Now I gotta choke down the free coffee in our breakroom. And for all I know, it was scraped off the bottom of the Mississippi. Or something like that.

• Times I've listened to Guitar Romantic: a million
But really, don't you wonder how many times you've listened to a particular record? Records you've been listening to and loving for years. Crazy.

And while I'm on the subject, there's something really comforting about knowing a record inside and out like that. From start to finish. It's almost intimate.

• Cigarettes smoked: half a pack?
That can't be right. I must have opened 'em yesterday at the bar. Oh god I just called it "the bar". Where is my life headed?!

Fuck this, I'm having cabin fever and it's a gorgeous stormy day. I just want to curl up in bed with a notebook and an ashtray.


Closet said...

Crappy or not...at least you get free coffee. We have to pay 60 cents a tiny cup for river scrapings...and that's when the machine actually works.

Anonymous said...

if you have a coffee maker, i'd be more than happy to donate a bag of espresso beans (i'm happy to grind them for you if you need) and a bag of 1/2 used vanilla flavored coffee

- kelly x6929

Joseph said...

I miss records. I left them for CDs years ago and am not part of the iPod generation. On the plus side, this way I can tell how many certain songs are played! And upon checking...my top four are all from the same video game soundtrack. How sad.

Jillian said...

dude kim, i work at starbucks. i get a free bag of coffee every week and you know i dont drink that shit, i'll get you some, though i dont know how much better it is.