It'd be like sleeping with Talia Shire in Rocky if you weren't Rocky

Wow. Not all the time, but especially when it comes to work, I can be pretty goddamn surly. Not something I'm necessarily proud of, but it's a character trait nonetheless, something I can either be ashamed of, or repackage as something 'endearing' or 'charming', depending on your sense of whimsy...

Not sure what made me think of it, other than the drudgery of your average workday.

What else do I think of when my ADD-riddled brain gets a chance to wander, you ask?

Well. My gentleman friend's father, apparently, has a penchant for juggling broads (not his words, but mine). At any given time, he has at least two, if not more, girlfriends on the roster- they're all personal trainers, too, for some reason..

But wow, do I digress... Point is, no one in his family seems to be offended by this at all, and I think that's the most eyebrow-raising aspect of it- more than the act itself, it's the welcoming, or at least accepting reaction of his family members.

Not that what he's doing is inherently wrong, either... but I guess that would depend on who you are asking...

...which does bring me to my main point. Is what he's doing really wrong? I mean, the only thing that would be bad i guess is if the women didn't know of each other.... which they probably don't, in all honesty.... but as long as they were, at the very least, aware of each other, is it really so wrong, what this guy is doing? What is he really guilty of?

I'm not trying to advocate polygamy or anything, not like those sisterwife jackasses- but this guy, he isn't married, isn't trying to get married, he's just casually seeing these women, enjoying their company, and isn't that the point of life anyway?

...that, or I just really need to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

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