why is it that teen tragedies are so much more newsworthy than their adult counterparts?

why does the daily hertribfucktimesblah have to spew sadness and injustice about some poor kid getting struck and killed, and yet, YET, they do not deem it newsworthy to spew similarly about a 31-year-old losing his life in the same fashion?!?!?

enough about that. from sadness to anger... why do the good die young, and assholes live forever? i don't mean that literally, but, without naming names, can you tell me how certain people get away with mistreating the people around them? without consequence?!?!

oh fuck it. who cares about protecting the not-so-innocent. in the next couple of days i will be calling OSHA, or whatever Illinois labor agencies there are... i'm going on a rampage. people have to realize they cannot, or will not, get away with mistreating their employees.

i know that bar is on its last legs, which makes me wonder if that's why she's lashing out. she knows she doesn't have that much time left. i can't even imagine how many vendors, customers, etc., she's already owed and/or alienated...

...then again, if you want to run your business into the ground, i guess that's the way to do it!

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